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American Entrepreneur Finds Blissful Paradise in Cebu,Philippines

Excerpt from Next Month’s Issue Of The Philippine Magazine Dec 2017


Interview by Kareem Antonio Jackson, Executive Producer 

Location: A’ Cafe- Crossroads, Cebu City,Cebu, Philippines

A-Cafe-abaca-kitchen-restaurant-crossroads-cebu crossroads-with-text

Met Mr. James Egins at popular restobar A’ Cafe located in Crossroads section of Cebu City, trendy student and expat hangout

This interview is part of an on-going series featuring successful American Entrepreneurs here in the Philippines.

Mr. Egins, a 50 year old African-American, born and raised in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, who also has resided in the Dallas,Texas area and the Washington DC/Baltimore,Maryland region has been living in Toledo City, Cebu a province city located about 2 hours from the Queen City of the South Cebu City.

He’s living here with his wife Donna, and their two children, James III and Princess Ayianna, 9 and 2 years old respectively.  He also has a grown daughter Jasmine, 28 years old and granddaughter Naomi 8 years old, back in the United States.

His professional background previously was in the Utilities Industry with several power companies, chiefly in the Customer Service and lastly Revenue Accounting Departments.

Currently, he lives 10 months of the year here in the Cebu Province and 2 months back in Maryland.

Below is a preview of next month’s issues featuring a Q & A with Mr James R Egins Jr:

(Q) Why make a home here in the Philippines?

Even before I met my future wife in 2006, I fell in love with the country, its people and culture from my first visit to Manila in February 2005, when I was sent there to assist in opening a call center for a Dallas-based utility company.  I loved the constant smiles of the filipino people along with the tasty cooking, which of course includes lots of seafood.  Cost of living was another bonus.   My wife and I always talked that one day we would like to live here and because of her family ties we decided on Toledo City.

(Q) Tell me about your business here?

I am an Internet and Network Marketer, and I love my profession and industry! The great thing is that I was able to build a stable Network Marketing business, while I was still living in the U.S and still working full-time.  I had dabbled in it for years with middling success until I had my big breakthrough  3 years ago.  I found the right vehicle in the Modere Opportunity which combines the stability of 28 years with the excitement of a new concept called “Social Retailing”.   Right now I work roughly 12 hours a week, promoting and recruiting which I do here locally as well as internationally.

(Q) Why Network Marketing as opposed to a more traditional business?

This was the perfect business for someone like myself, who still had a regular 8 to 5 job and was looking for a way to leverage some of my free time, to achieve financial independence.  I wasn’t sitting on an enormous bank account with sterling credit so franchising or obtaining a loan for “brick and mortar business” was out of the question.  All I needed to start initially was to buy some product for my personal use and market the product with the tools and systems that my upline had in place. The “final piece” for me was the training that I got from The World’s Laziest Networker aka Mark Januwzewski, this training provided me the skills to get over 95% of people I initiate contact with to take a look at a presentation.

(Q) What are the advantages of having a MLM Business here in the Philippines?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is the job situation here in the country.  There are tens of thousands college graduates with a severe shortage of jobs available to them, even less in their chosen fields.  The local pay is also extremely low, in fact , many skilled professionals will seek call center jobs with the numerous foreign-based call centers, in order to get paid more.  This spells opportunity for recruiting here.  The people here I also find to be very sociable and people-oriented which lends itself quite nicely with networking!

(Q) Any disadvantages of having a MLM Business here?

One disadvantage is that some folks who want to join just don’t have the funds to do so.  The other would be the infrastructure in some areas of the country regarding the internet service.  Nothing that can’t be overcome, however there are those challenges.

378419_4065320434498_1792716480_nJames and his lovely wife after an event.

For the complete interview, check the newstands at local retail outlets for the December edition of The Phillipines Magazine.



  1. James Great Job!!! I was impressed with your press release!


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