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Random Musings:

This will basically be another update post on my progress in the MKMMA course, as well as changes in my DMP.

One item, that has not only been achieved, but obliterated has achieving and maintaining my weight of 190 pounds.  When I initially set this goal, I was north of 205 pounds.  Last time I weighed myself I was down to 183lbs.   At this point, I don’t want to go down any further than that.   Basically, I achieved my weight loss, through no major workout regimen or fancy faddish diet.   I just reduced the amount of food I ate especially for dinner, and if I bought food outside the home, I would often stretch it into 2 meals.  At this point, I fill up pretty fast, and I don’t eat food until I’m uncomfortably full anymore.  Even the traditional eating holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I kept my portions down and didn’t overeat.

I am ecstatic with these results and others have noticed as well.

I also am excited that I am easily doing all the readings, affirmations and exercises in the course.  The weekly service that I promise to do on my service card, is also easily achieved.

Over the past week, I had an experience that also showed what can be manifested through adherence to this MKMMA course, as well as prayer.   This past Sunday, I woke up to a pain around the heel of my left foot, and was having difficulty walking on it.  This difficulty affected me for the following 2 days as well.    Through including it in my nightly prayers with my 7 year old son, as well as affirming my good health, through the following affirmation:   ” I am whole, perfect,powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.   Yesterday, which was Wednesday, I was able to walk normally with very minimal discomfort and today I’m pretty much fully normal.    This stuff really works, as if I needed more proof!

As far as my new Definite Major Purpose(DMP) that I crafted this past week, I am very excited to read it and feel it deep within!  Most of the beginning and the end was kept the same, however I added to it that I hosted my own Retire Myself from the J.O.B party at a restaurant near my old employer.  This restaurant I pass daily and I plan to eat lunch their frequently, to soak up the atmosphere and aroma, as I manifest this first internally and then externally.


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