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“Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive”

Another pivotal week in the MKMMA experience, which it most certainly is, as opposed to a merely a course!

This weeks master keys lesson really focused and drilled home on “FAITH”.  Without this key component I really don’t see anyone being able to achieve the dharma in life or DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE.

Loved contemplating the following biblical quote this week during my daily sits:

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. (Mark 11:24)

That quote is in synergy with the philosophy of “The Law of Attraction”.   What one desires and most thinks about, is what one is creating and manifesting in one’s life.  The principle of “cause and effect”.   The thinking is the cause and one’s life outcomes are the effects.  Therefore, to change one’s life and it’s outcomes, one must first change their thinking!

This law is unavoidable, as we are learning in the course, this law is always in constant effect.  It’s either working for you and your benefit.  Or it’s working against you to your detriment.

This week not only did I focus and read Part 11 of the Master Keys daily, I also re-read parts 9 and 10 prior reading 11.  Good thing I have a long commute each day from my job, and can easily make this a part of my daily habits.  I find these parts of the master keys blending and working together perfectly!

I am so excited to be manifesting my definite major purpose, each and every day through all the readings, affirmations and assignments.


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