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MKMMA Year 2- Week Seven Challenges

It’s been a challenging couple months for me, since around the Thanksgiving Holidays through this first week of the new year 2016.  A lot of the challenges have been self-induced, which is why it’s a good thing I am a part of the MKMMA course.  My old blueprint of self-sabotage, is still occasionally rearing itself, as I drive to forge my Definite Major Purpose(DMP) into fruition.

Reading the Master Keys, the 3 readings of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman, the Blueprint Builder, my DMP, as well as the 15 minute sit, is helping to keep my eyes focused on where I’m going.  This is vital that I don’t dwell on my mistakes of the past and my current financial predicaments.  The Law of Substitution is definitely a “game-changer” in ripping apart my old blueprint.

While a may be in a financial crisis at the moment, this too will pass!  I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle!   Failure and lack is not why I was created and I will persist until I succeed!


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