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Mkmma Year 2- Week Five

For this week’s topic relating to my MKMMA journey, I will give a brief synapse of my progressions, as a result of the course.

My number one achievement thus far, has been the weight piece of my DMP which was that “I  maintain my weight of 190 pounds” as of Thanksgiving Sunday, I had still maintained my weight at said weight, even accounting for 2 big dinners on Thursday and Friday.   My blood pressure has gone down, however not yet under the 140/90 that my DMP states and will manifest.

I am currently, undergoing a 90 day blitz which includes the “so-called” slow period of the Christmas holidays for my MLM business.  “I can be what I will to be” , and as stated in my DMP, I will earn $50k a week on or before January 1st of 2017.

Once  this is achieved the rest of my Definite Major Purpose, will occur in “domino-like” fashion.  The travelling to Asia, South America and Europe, including attending the Summer Olympic Games next year in Rio, and having two home bases.  One in Toledo City, Cebu in the Philippines where my wife is from and Ellicott City, Maryland which is near most of my immediate family here in the States.

I will reflect back on my upcoming accomplishments here in about a month, until then my Hero’s Journey continues.


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