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MKMMA Week Three- Year 2- Our Inner Self


Really enjoying Part 3 of Haanel’s Masterkeys.  Speaking for myself, this is a critical lesson that must be read,studied and meditated on, in order, to progress and advance through the MKMMA course.  It’s a challenge to thoroughly understand the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds.  It’s even more of a challenge, to take this understanding and apply it practically in my life consistently.

As I think back over the balance of my adult life, I realize that many of my outer results in life, were the byproduct of faulty inner thinking.  I would take some steps forward, then inevitably, I would do something to self-sabotage my own success!

It’s so important to manage the “self-talk” that we have with ourselves, as well as how we talk about ourselves to others.  Many times I would think to myself this won’t last(like I was thinking I wasn’t worthy of success) and voila, things would change for the worse.  The definition of a “Self-fulfilling” prophecy and not a positive one.  The power of mind can not be underestimated!   Especially the power of our subconscious mind.

It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion.”  Masterkeys Part 3 #17

I am striving through my greater understanding and more indepth study of the Masterkeys, to control and direct my subconscious though my conscious mind.  The first step has been one of quiet observation and reflection.  One must constantly, be at guard to what they are thinking and verbalizing.

The other point that really impacted me from part 3 of the Masterkeys, is regarding the topic of “Fear”.  Parts 14 and 15 of Masterkeys Part III expound on this potential “cancer” to one’s growth and progress!  Fear is referred to as the enemy!  This enemy seeks to restrict out “light from being shone”.  Usually fear being manifested through our self-talk is what keeps us from taking action or results in us quitting something before success is attained.

“When fear is effectually and completely destroyed your light will shine, the clouds will disperse and you will have found the source of power, energy and life”  #15 part 3 Masterkeys

It’s interesting to think of all the ways fear affects our subconscious programming.   Most advertising that we see is in some way, directed to take advantage of our fears.  Most political campaigns and rhetoric is aimed at fears, as opposed to strength of their own positions.  It really is unfortunate how much fear impacts our society and ourselves as individuals.

The more we get this MKMMA course in the hands of more folks across this wonderful world of ours, the more we can affect positive change.   It really is a noble mission!  I am honored to be a part of this mission and cause.


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