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MKMMA- Year Two Week One


I am excited to be embarking on year two of my taking the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance course.  Basically I didn’t quite end it as strong as I would have liked, therefore I am really looking forward to weeks 17 and beyond.  Until then I will do the readings and assignments athough I am playing catch up with the current classes pace.

As I read Part One of the Masterkeys, I am really struck and humbled by how influential and vital the thoughts within each of us, are to the results we produce on the outside.  In some ways, it can seem overwhelming, as well as liberating, that outside forces are not the cause or effect of where our life currently finds itself.

Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all attainment, all achievement and all success.

That quote above from keys, really drives home the point of having harmonious thoughts(within) in order, to have a fruitful, harmonious and productive life.(without).  Besides, business and financial results, this philosophy also can affect us health-wise, as many of us speak ill-will towards oneself.  Thus self-sabotaging one’s own health and quality of life.

31. Every thought therefore is a cause and every condition an effect; for this reason it is absolutely essential that you control your thoughts so as to bring forth only desirable conditions.

One of the unique aspects, of the MKMMA course, is that we are being taught to self-direct our thinking to manifest the life we want to live.   As opposed to being guru-directed, as Mark J, frequently points out during the webcasts. This forces us to not be mentally lazy and expect to have someone else lead us to the so-called promise land.

We are molding ourselves with the courses guidance, to be the hero in our own life and that feels FANTASTIC!



  1. smoulesmkmma says:

    Its great that you came back again. I would love to do over the past few weeks but im happy with where im at.


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