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MKMMA Week 22A- “Unworthiness- Use the Tools”

The topic of unworthiness is extremely contracting, as it relates to the “pursuit of success”.  Here is a dictionary definition of the word.
not worthy; lacking worth or excellence.

beneath the dignity (usually followed by of):

behavior unworthy of a king.

of a kind not worthy (often followed by of).

not of adequate merit or character.

not commendable or creditable.

not deserving.
Is it possible for this word to be used as a “tool” for achieving one’s dharma or “Definite Major Purpose” in life?
In my world, this concept or word, must be immediately counterbalanced, if it rears it’s ugly head in one’s mind.  One immediate tool, at our disposal is to remember one of the Seven Laws of the Mind: “The Law of Substitution”.   Now immediately, one must replace the negative thought of “unworthiness” with a positive thought or affirmation.
Fortunately, for those of us, who have taken or are presently taking the MKMMA course, we have plenty of tools and resources to battle the destructive thoughts of “unworthiness”.
Basically, if you have done the activities, assignments and readings from the course, you have equipped yourself with the armor to battle the feelings and emotion of unworthiness!
Reading one’s DMP three times daily, is telling yourself what you want and that you deserve it!  The blueprint builder that we’ve been reading since the MKMMA course’s inception, is also telling ourselves that “we have the ability to achieve the object of our definite purpose in life” among other self-affirming statements.  The law of giving card that we read, which is telling ourselves that “we are worthy to give” which also means that we are worthy to receive!  “I can be what I will to be” is another affirmation we say daily, that also is combating the negative self-worth that some may have.   Another affirmation, “I am whole,perfect,strong,powerful,loving and harmonious”, gives even further strength to our feelings of worthiness!
Lastly, the postcards where we have written various accomplishments we have achieved in our lives, is a reminder of all that we have already done, which is a tip of the iceberg to what we can accomplish in the not-to-distant future.
Summing it up, unworthiness and any feelings associated with it, has been effectively eliminated through staying faithful to the ideals and assignments of the MKMMA course.


  1. James, I loved the post. It has been a great journey with you. Be all you can be and live the LIFE!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Joe for reading and commenting! It’s been a pleasure being on this journey with you also. I look forward to the rest of the ride.


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