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MKMMA Week 21- FEAR(False Evidence Appearing Real) or is there more?

Fear is a much discussed topic within the Personal Development of Self-Help genre.  There have been a multitude of quotes relating to this topic as well as books written on some aspect of “Fear”.   Why all this interest in such a negative connotation of a word such as fear.   Well quite probably “fear” is one the characteristics or feelings that has such a self-limiting effect on folks.

10845983_334917950028998_1369534637655715853_n Now on a personal level, fear has played a self-limiting role in my life, in different areas.  Fear of rejection, severely impacted my social life in high school, college and in my early twenties.  Even if I didn’t even know the lady and there was a good chance I would never see her again in life, I still would not pursue a woman, unless she gave off obvious clues that she was interested.  I was not a “risk-taker” in the game of dating. This same “fear of rejection” would also impact me in home based business world.  Needless to say, a fear of rejection, does not lend itself to massive prospecting in a direct sales opportunity.

As a result, of my past experiences, as well as the general negativity that the word FEAR brings about, I was very intrigued when Mark, Davene,Trish & the staff touched on this as part of the MKMMA course.  In a nutshell, using fear, as a tool to bring about one’s dharma is genius.   I loved the masterminding of this, in our members course website, was fascinating.  Many athlete’s use fear of failure, as a motivating tool to push them harder and harder to reach the full potential of their athleticism.  Many business people from humble means, use fear of poverty, to help motivate themselves to strive and overachieve because they never want to go through struggle again.

For myself, it is a FEAR of letting my wife and children down, and not give them the life of liberty that we all so richly deserve.  Our three month old daughter, has even given me more reason, to be the father and husband my family deserve and give them the life, whereas we make no decision based on “lack” or that type of mindset.

For future posts, I will touch on the other tools we are using to bring about the Definite Major Purposes, that each of us in the MKMMA course are manifesting in our respective lives.



  1. Great post James. The greatest thing a man has to fear…is fear itself!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Joe for reading and commenting.


  3. Ellen L says:

    As an emotion, a paralyzer; as a tool, a motivator – as you said, genius!


  4. jeginsjr says:

    Yes my friend Ellen, well put!


  5. I thought using a pair of dice was genius as a visual symbol! So many people are visuals and that really sticks in my mind even more than words…roll them…which comes up?


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