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MKMMA Week 20- “The Hero’s Journey”


To answer that call, that is the ultimate question!  We all have it inside of us, however, will we answer the call to GREATNESS!  To Live a life that is extraordinary, one must do what most will not and that is to accept the aforementioned challenge!

Most of us that are a part of the MKMMA journey, felt this call to greatness and have accepted the challenge.   There are many qualities one must possess, in order to accept this challenge and ultimately conquer it.  These have been drilled into our subconscious throughout the various assignments, readings and activities of the course.   Persistence is an obvious quality, that one must have, in order to accomplish anything of great impact.  There will be a great many challenges and obstacles, and one must not give up in the face of adversity.   Self-Discipline is another vital quality of achievement.  It’s needed to see through any commitments, that are made, especially those made to oneself.   If a commitment is made, then a commitment must be kept or honored.   Visualization is needed for one to manifest the dreams or goals that have been identified as one Definite Major Purpose in life.  One needs to be able to envision their future self in all their GLORY!  And to the surprise of many myself included, LOVE is a needed component, that helps bring everything together.  One must love life itself, their fellow man or woman, as well as themselves.  When there is love present, then one can adopt the true philosophy of “SERVICE”  to others without “expectation of reciprocity”!

the-heros-journey-wheelI love this philosophy because in my opinion, the world needs this in the worst way!  So many of us live in admiration of other perceived heroes, as opposed becoming themselves the hero, they seek to find in others.  Whether its sports hero’s, politicians, actors and actresses, or singers, we spend our time and disposable income building them up, instead of investing in ourselves!

The hero that we are seek is buried inside of ourselves, we just have remove layer by layer our existing blue print to discover the heroic person that we can be.  Nothing in life is guaranteed, success certainly is not, however by stepping out of our comfort zones to attain success is what proclaims that we have accepted the challenge of “The Hero’s Journey”.



  1. Great summary of the Hero’s Journey. It is a struggle to jump in ourselves. We have to overcome a lot, but once in, watch out!


  2. zoeygennat1 says:

    Love is the much needed component. Amen


  3. deemasterkey says:

    So well expressed! Little steps, one at a time, easy things to do, easy not to do.


  4. Yes, great summary…thank you for putting it all together. I appreciate your style and putting it out there! Peace be the journey.


  5. Ellen L says:

    Awesome overview of the journey – and I can’t remember ever hearing the role of love in the journey and its relation to service said quite so clearly and simply!


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