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MKMMA Week 18- Being A Part of Something Bigger than Myself!


As I re-listen to this past Sunday’s webcast, especially the passion that Trish exhibited as she shared her journey as well as some of the great stories shared by fellow course members, I am really struck with what we have on our hands with the MKMMA journey!

Not only am I blown away with the consequences in my life, with what I am MANIFESTING, I am tremendously optimistic with the world-wide positive repercussions that the MKMMA course can effect!   There is so much negative news in the world right now, especially for those who obsessively watch CNN,Fox News or any of the thousands of news blogs out there.   There is much war and threat of war!  Economies and currencies rising and falling like “yo-yo’s”.  Folks losing their jobs, college students faced with outlandish debt and minimal job possibilities, and retirees facing rising costs with dwindling funds.  All this and much more is causing so much world wide depression and negative thoughts.

The world needs the information and thought-provoking assignments that make up this MKMMA course.  It’s hard to be depressed and thinking negative thoughts when one is focusing on seeing and expressing kindness.


On a personal note, a friend of my daughter committed suicide last week at the age of 26.  He walked out into the interstate and was struck by a truck.  I can’t help thinking how this course, or at least some of the concepts could have made such a big difference in his life and his outlook on life.

The best way to deal with problems or sadness, is to focus on others and being a giving person.  That goes for relationship problems also.  If you want more out of your relationship, then one should give more and the act of doing or giving, changes how one feels.

I’m so excited to see this course grow and grow as Mark, Davene and the rest of the team’s vision is manifested.



  1. I am heartbroken to have read about the loss of such a young life. I pray that your daughter is counseling with you and professionals to come out on top of this tragedy. I’m happy that we are here to share and comfort you. And, that you have the #mkmma team behind you.

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  2. jeginsjr says:

    Yes, Joanne, it was very tragic especially for his mom and younger brother and lots of people who cared about him So many young adults are struggling to find their way in this world right now.


  3. I am too, heartbroken to hear the loss this young gentleman. Very tragic that young people don’t feel they have someone to go to for help with their problems. I wish this course and other positive thinking classes could be given to high school kids to give them a big positive outlook for themsleves and thier lives. My thoughts and prayers for you and your daughter.

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  4. James, this is so saddening to hear about that young man! I agree that this journey can help so many find their true life mission and no longer feel the pressure of our negative society and the box they all try yo fit themselves in! I will SIT for you, your family and his family’s loss to help heal heavy hearts with our powers of love and harmony. My love to you!

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  5. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks my good buddy & accountability pal! It is so sad & I think about it everytime I drive under the underpass on the highway where it happened.


  6. masterkeyerwinv says:

    great post James, thanks. Indeed, so much sadness in the world so it seems… Let’s keep seeing all the all the beauty and kindness…

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  7. jeginsjr says:

    Yes indeed my friend, its so illuminating to notice all the beauty and kindness in the world and focus on that instead of the negative.


  8. Deirdre says:

    Thank you for sharing, I was deeply moved by the unfortunate death of that young man. I also have a daughter of the same age. The concepts of this course should most definitely be shared with the world. This blog is a great experience and way to start.

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  9. jeginsjr says:

    You’re welcom Deirdre and thanks for reading & commenting! We are all definitely fortunate to be a part of this course.


  10. Ellen L says:

    I agree; it would be all too easy to give in and focus on what’s wrong, simply because “what’s wrong” is so pervasive. I guess we’re all to become ambassadors of the Master Key concepts so as to help people learn they control their own lives and choices!

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  11. jeginsjr says:

    Yes we are all “walking,talking & thinking”, ambassadors of the Master Key concept and course! Thanks for your comment Ellen.


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