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Week 15- Movie Review “Door to Door”

As part of our week fourteen assignments in the MKMMA, we were to watch one of four assigned movies and to write a review of the movie, in context of the lessons of our course.


I choose William Macy’s critically acclaimed Door to Door, which is about a man who was afflicted with a severe physical challenge, that rose above it to become a top selling salesperson in his company, selling door-to-door.

At a direct sales company convention, in the past I had actually seen a documentary about William Porter, who is the subject of the movie.  Either watching the documentary of his life or this movie, should be mandatory viewing for anyone embarking in a career in sales or network marketing.  All of us, have a tendency to complain about things, that when viewed in its proper context are quite minor in scope.

This man had a Definite Major Purpose(DMP) in life which was to become a great salesman, despite his challenges.  Despite his Cerebral Palsy, which left him with use of just one arm,speech impediments,and walking challenges, he overcame ridicule, pity and lack of belief by others, just to gain employment, in the first place.

Once employed, with his mothers encouragement, support and advice, he overcame the worst sales territory, in his region to become one of the top salespeople.  His mother basically was his first MMA or Master Mind Alliance.  This is vital, as no one can succeed alone, without the help of others!

Even initially, he exhibited tremendous Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) to overcome lack of early success, doors slammed in his face and ridicule from potential customers.  He fought to keep his job, by telling his sales manager that we was laying the foundation with his prospects.

The other habit of Persistence that was shown by Bill Porter, was having a Plan of Action(POA).   He was out in the field like clockwork early every morning and plowing his route till long after dark, regardless of weather.  He knew his products, inside and out, and was able to tailor his sales pitch to the given situation.  He also knew how to inject a little humor to gain acceptance and friendship with his prospects.

Here is a link to a nice article about this inspirational man:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/10/us/bill-porter-an-exceptional-salesman-who-inspired-a-film-dies-at-81.html

I can’t recommend watching this movie any stronger.  You will be a more appreciative of your talents as a result and able to rise above any challenges that you may or may not have!



  1. Great movie choice, I agree it’s a must watch for any one in any sales field…. Which is pretty much anyone. Blessed to be on the journey with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great movie – in line with what we are reading in Scroll IV! I will persist until I succeed. I know this is something you have James! Am honoured to be here to share in your journey! Blessings.


  3. jeginsjr says:

    Yes, partner it is indeed a must watch! I, my friend, am very honored to be on ths journey together, along with our fellow MKMMAers.

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  4. fawnc says:

    I’m with you, James, Door to Door puts everything into perspective and it should be mandatory viewing for us all! I was so moved and inspired from Bill Porter’s story~ “I LOVE BEING A SALESWOMAN!”~ Thanks for the link to the article~ I’m sending energy and seeing your sweet daughter, Princess, as whole, complete, strong, powerful, harmonious and Happy!

    with love,



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