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Week 14- My Princess is Whole,Perfect,Strong,Powerful,Loving,Harmonious & Happy

Week fourteen, has been a difficult and challenging one for me, however even in the midst of some health issues with our newborn daughter Princess Iyanna, my participation in this course continues to pay dividends!


Above is a picture taken on New Years day at Children’s Hospital in the the Nation’s capital, we my wife, myself and our daughter had spent the past three days.  She has what is called a hemangioma on the top left side of her head covering her eye, and she was there to start her treatment for that with a heart drug.  A side complication occurred when her MRI showed something on the back of the brain, which we will have to see an additional specialist, in the next week.  Throughout this process, I have affirmed her being healed through prayer and using the affirmation in the title of this post.  Whenever negative thoughts enter my mind, I instantly replace them with thoughts of her being healed and having no lingering effects internally or externally.

I have also appreciated the support of my accountability partner in the MKMMA course Jennifer Netter, who calls me daily with pep talks, as well as helping me to keep as focused as possible with the course.

This process has also reaffirmed how important and vital it is for the manifest my PPN’s(Personal Pivotal Needs) as I want to be there for my daughter, in every way possible without having to ask permission to miss days or leave early from my job.   I must have the Autonomy to not have to be concerned with taking days off and having enough leave to cover all the follow up appointments and specialists she will be seeing this year.


I did bring Og Mandino’s book to the hospital with me for my daily readings, as well as my DMP and written out Blue Print Builderl  I am late with this post, and I will be also late commenting on the blogs in my 16-20 range.   Now that my daughter is out of the hospital, I am ready to start 2015 strong and continue right to the end of the year strong as I accomplish some of the initial aspects of my DMP.   True Liberty and being a full time marketer by October first of this year is in the Green Triangle on my shapes.

I can be what I will to be!  And Do It Now!

2015 is going to be FREAKING AWESOME!

I also look forward to continuing the relationships I’ve made among MKMMA members and can’t wait to see everyone achieve their true dharma in life.



  1. Reblogged this on jennifersmasterkey and commented:
    You are an amazing dad empowered by your children. My visualizations for Princess are ongoing. Full Faith! Enjoying this Epic journey with you my friend!

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  2. Princess is whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! Much love and snuggles to your angel! We rock!

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  3. James, what an inspiring post. Sending prayers and powerful thoughts your way. Your Princess is whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! Peace be the journey together.


  4. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks my partner appreciate all the wonderful manifesting that you’ve been doing on Princess behalf. You definitely rock!

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  5. George Pauli says:

    James, my thoughts are with you. Health, Wealth, & Love!

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  6. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks George, appreciate the comments very much!


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