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MKMMA Week 12- “The Ultimate Combination”


16 days ago Santa blessed the Egins Household with an early Christmas present, the birth of our little Princess Iyanna Egins.  Unfortunately, since then her daddy’s been playing catch up in the course. .I will be fully caught up by this weekend because I refuse to do as my old blueprint would and use this as an excuse fall out of the course, rather she is one more inspiration that I have to manifest my DMP!

Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and
the application consists in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.

I have read many personal development books by all the esteemed authors and speakers of this generation, however, I have never quite made the necessary improvements because as the quote above states, “knowledge does not apply itself”. The needed combination is having a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE, a roadmap to get where one is going, along with PERSISTENCE to achieve one’s DMP, no matter the challenge or obstacle.

Already I feel empowered, because I am still here in the course, my old blueprint would have never lasted past week 5 or 6.  My relationship with my wife is doing much better, I know as long as I am a “giver”, I will continue to manifest a strong,loving, unbreakable marriage.

The other impact is health wise, I feel more energetic and am finding it easier to manage my appetite which is one step toward meeting my DMP statement of weighing 190 pounds.  I was around 205 when I affirmed that in late September and I am under 200 pounds now.  Co-workers and family have noticed.   That makes me ECSTATIC!

The last piece is my business, which I have had to regroup, as I have changed companies in the last month.  Good thing I never mentioned my old company by name in my DMP.

My ultimate combination of what I am manifesting from this course is improved family life,health and business success.  I am so glad I always keep my promises!



  1. James enjoyed your post continue to manifest your DMP glad to you have inspiration to keep you going!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Fred, appreciate the comment and your reading my post.


  3. George Pauli says:

    congrats on the newborn. And good luck in the new company. Must have manifested that one months ago right?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks George, yes a lot of new beginnings going on in my life! And all good! Thanks for reading and commenting.


  5. Congrats on the addition to the family and may all your plans come to fruition as you desire.


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