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MKMMA Week 10- “Where Did Our Love(Scroll) Go & I’m visiting Denmark”

No, sorry music lovers, this post is not about the Legendary Supremes and one of their iconic songs from the Rocking 60’s.  This past Monday, we turned the page from November and thus ended 30 days times three of reading scroll two about “LOVE”.    As I began to read the new scroll, I missing our soon departed scroll, until I starting reading and digesting the theme for this month’s scroll, which is about PERSISTANCE, and overcoming any obstacles and challenges along the way!  I will delve more into the topic of this months scroll in a subsequent post.  Stay tuned for that!

This week, I want to announce, another part of my DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE which is vising my wife’s auntie in Denmark for three weeks during the summer of 2016.  July to be exact!   Her auntie married a wonderful gentleman from Denmark, and I know my wife will be ecstatic to finally visit her there for the first time.


Above is a picture from the town they live in Naestved, looks like one of the picturesque quaint European towns, that are a wonder to visit and explore.


And above is the lovely couple, that we will be visiting during the month of July 2016.

We have a lot of travel that makes up my DMP, as well as tons of other travel plans floating around in my head that I will be manifesting.  That is in addition to what is on my Definite Major Purpose.

Travelling and meeting folks from different cultures is a passion of mine and I look forward to meeting all that are on this MKMMA journey.  The beaches of the world await us!  Lets Do It Now!



  1. Greet each day with love and you will succeed. Use the habit and stay persistent. Sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a huge metaphor! We are on track and moving forward – so happy to see you have a worldly vision. See you in Hawaii in April. Keep smiling, Nancy


  2. HI James, nice to meet you. I loved Scroll II as well but scroll III is just so exciting, don’t you think? Denmark is not that far from me in Scotland, we are pretty much on the same lattitude. I know you’ll love visiting there.


    • jeginsjr says:

      Yes I love scroll III also Grace! My wife also has three cousins who married gents in Wales. After we do the travel in my DMP, a trip around your neck of the woods may be on our radar. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.


  3. I too missed Scroll II but Scroll III is just what I need for my procrastination and shyness. I can feel your excitement for your travels and you will do it.


  4. jpmkmma says:

    Well, well, Denmark is on my list of places to visit for no reason I can explain – i just is. Just read a post on Facebook ranking countries according to the degree of corruption and Denmark comes out as the least corrupt country in the world. The UK ranks as number 14 so we’ve a bit of soul searching to do!


  5. You have nice perspective. Have a great time!


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