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MKMMA Week Nine: Reflections & Thanksgivings


I write this as our family prepares to leave to go to our Thanksgiving Dinner with the extended family.  As always, this time of year leads me to reflect on the year so far, as well give thanks for all of my blessings in life.  This year, even more so, through my experience in the MKMMA course, which is now past the one third mark.

I am really feeling that I’m becoming more a part of something tremendously bigger than myself and the alliance side of this course is really taking effect the past couple weeks.  My post last week received a lot of love.  One of my fellow MKMMA course member and myself have masterminded together and we are now accountability partners.  You can check her blog out here: http://Jennifersmasterkey.wordpress.com    It’s great to connect deeper with someone in the course and to help encourage each other as we manifest our true dharma.   I am also loving going into the alliance area a couple times a day and reading the comments, as well as interacting with many fellow MKMMA students.  As Mark and Davene mentioned during the webcast, I faithfully submit to all the assignments and even more so as I see how they all tie in and connect.  Perfect synergy, I must say!


This picture shows my wife, son and myself at the Baltimore Harbor, and they are my motivation to manifest our new reality, which is here:


Our 5 bedroom 3 bath 3 level dream home, which will be built on a beachfront in Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines.  Our son James and our soon to be born daughter Princess Iyanna will be attending the Prestigious:


I am so excited to manifest this reality for my family because: “I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose in Life therefore, I Demand of myself, persistant, continuous, action toward its attainment, and I here and now promise to render such action”!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday that are here in the United States and everyone else I wish a terrific and fruitful upcoming weekend.  Until next time my friends, LET’S DO IT NOW!



  1. Amen Brother!!! I always keep my promises 🙂

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  2. jeginsjr says:

    Yes, brother we always keep our promises!


  3. Helaman says:

    I love it. It is a beautiful House.


  4. I feel like you have found the secret to make it all work to make your dreams come true…find the MMA person to stay focused as you do all the activities and make adjustments along the way and get continuous feedback from the larger Alliance! We can’t travel alone…think I have been doing too much of that! Eye Opener Thanks!


    • jeginsjr says:

      Hi Janet, thanks for reading and commenting! Yes that is so true, “We can’t travel alone”. I love this course for its breaking me out of my “loner shell” that has been part of my blueprint since my pre-teen years.


  5. Hello James, what a fabulous post! It’s so wonderful to read everyone’s post this week as so many people are experiencing the ‘coming together’ of all the work we’ve been putting in. Everyone is so much happier. I love the photos of you and your family and your dream home. Looking forward to following your story.

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  6. Wonderful post. The alliance is with you.

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