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MKMMA Week 7- “What Does Love Got To Do With It”


That is the question that many of us, myself included, asked as we read the Second scroll of Og Mandino’s masterpiece “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. 

I mean, as a man,husband,father,grandfather,son and brother, I fully understood what love means in my personal and family life.

However, what in the world does love have to do with success in sales and business?

As natural a feeling and emotion that is love, this might very well be the most challenging thing I can ever imagine doing.  To love all that I encounter in life, is easier said than done.  I was raised in the Christian Church and of course, this always sounded good in theory, and on Sundays!  To actually, adopt this as a LIFESTYLE, most of us fall well short of accomplishing it.

As I am living my DHARMA in the tropical Cebu, Philippines, I will look back on these pivotal weeks, as truly LIFE CHANGING!

One of my favorite U2 songs, reflects this aspect of the MKMMA very well regarding love:

This video, someone linked Martin Luther King and various Civil Rights Footage from the 50’s and 60’s here in the United States with this classic U2 song!

As an Black American, my life was truly affected by the power of LOVING OTHERS even as you were persecuted!  When I watch footage, I am truly amazed at how the movement successfully adopted nonviolence and love as taught by Ghandi.

What does this all mean for me, in the here and now of the year 2014?

If I am to manifest the life I expect to live, I must adhere to this obediently and without ego!  DO IT NOW!  No excuses, it doesn’t matter that I live and work in a major urban metropolitan area.  To be what I will to be, love must be in my heart to others at all time.

Everything truly is connecting right now in the MKMMA course.  The no opinions, forgiving others and no negative feelings, its all interconnected and vital to my success in life.

I truly wish all my fellow course members the best in adhering to this vital phase of the program.  Look forward to reading about everyone else’s experiences and successes!



  1. run4change says:

    It is a challenge to love everyone, but one that will pay off greatly

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  2. emmadufeu says:

    Love is everything and everything is love, is that a song? I love your blog this week, inspiring. 🙂


  3. That is one of my favorite U2 songs! And I love the beach picture on the background of your blog. Did you take that photo? Is that in the Philippines? I also love how everything is starting to connect…Do it NOW! I can be what I will to be. No opinions. Greeting each day and every person with love. All of it. It’s almost overwhelming at times! But it’s AWESOME! Keep up the great work!

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    • jeginsjr says:

      Thank you very much Greg, yes it certainly is all connecting and the pace is accelerating in the course! That picture is not one that I personally took and yes it is a beach in the Philippines. The island of Bohol in the Southern area of Philippines. Thanks for reading.


  4. James, Fantastic & moving. Will Rogers once said ” I never met a man I didn’t like.” This can be achieved.

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  5. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Greg, appreciate you reading & commenting on my post! Yes It can be achieved, just takes “mental work”.


  6. James very well done thank you for sharing awesome insights you are well on the way, continued success my friend!


  7. James… You captured our lesson well, and that music video with U2 and MLK was wonderful. I bet walking along that sandy beach in Cebu feels amazing!! You rock!

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  8. Reblogged this on jennifersmasterkey and commented:
    Yes, James… This is awesome!!

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  9. I’m with you James!!! It’s a wonderful time to be on this journey with you 🙂


  10. Sometimes it is difficult to love everyone. we’ll both work on it together.


  11. cquarter says:

    Great post James isn’t it incredible how far we have come because of love? Love is the master key that unlocks us all to be what we will to be! We are learning right now how to accept it in our lives and express to others. We are in the right place at the right time with the right tools my friend!


    • jeginsjr says:

      Hi Craig, thanks for reading and leaving comment here. Yes the power of love is awe-inspiring. So incredible,what can be done in each of our lives and the world through it’s power.


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