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MKMMA Week Six- Mini-Review of my journey & Self-Analysis


The start of a new MKMMA week has me reflective of the experience, so far, including the just completed week 5.  Admittedly, last week was not an especially shining one!  I kept up with my readings,as they have truly become “habit” now, and new assignments, however some things I got behind on for the week.    I didn’t get the press released completed until last Thursday, and also didn’t get my blog post done until Friday.  Not to mention I only did one blog post last week, as opposed to the two that I had done each of the previous weeks.  I also did not read and comment on as many blogs, as I had been.

On the positive side, my reading of index cards, blueprint builder,Master Keys,DMP and Greatest Salesman, is pretty much on automatic at this point.

This month’s scroll two of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” is an interesting one!  Those of us who are spiritually inclined, always read & hear about “loving one’s neighbor”, and it definitely sounds good in theory!  Now the gauntlet has been dropped approach every encounter we have towards other people “with love”.   Anyone living in or near a major urban city, knows this could be easier said than done!

This scroll 2 also seamlessly is in accordance with the “The Law of Giving & Receiving”.  Only through love can one give to others without regard to reciprocity.

Worst case scenario, we should all become better spouses,parents,siblings,neighbors,co-workers,employees, employers if we can successfully adopt this principle into our lives.

I am also challenging myself to participate more consistently in the alliance areas, especially in regard to this new principle, as well as the “no opinion’ challenge.

In closing, I will share that one of my smart goals, as part of my DMP, is to have house built in Toledo City,Cebu, Philippines on or before October 1,2016.   Toledo City is a provincial city on the island of Cebu, one of over 7,000 islands in the Philippines.  Here is a video highlight what Cebu has to offer:

In future posts, I will explore more into my feelings about the future that I am currently manifesting.  I have enjoyed reading many of my fellow MKMMA’ers posts about their future accomplishments and dreams.  I truly love this aspect of our journey.  Until next time my friends, have a blessed and successful week.



  1. Thank you for the insight in your vision of your SMART goal home in the Phillipines. Do it now my friend!!


  2. James you have an awesome dream. Hold on! Your change is coming!! Your Dream is on time!!!


  3. Wow! Love the video of Cebu. Interesting – I too posted a video of my DMP space in Costa Rica. Wanna visit each other??

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  4. issymcintyre says:

    How beautiful. It looks like Paradise. I can understand why it means so much to you. You will accomplish this too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. jeginsjr says:

    Thank you, yes it is very beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement.


  6. Wow, great chronology! I am sure things will materialize…


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