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MKMMA Week 5- “Shutting Down Our Ego- The Elimination Of Opinions”

Week 5 of our Master Key Mastermind Alliance, has been one of epic challenges!  I usually pump out my first blog post of the week on Tuesday or Wednesday, and here it is already Friday and I am just now doing my first post of this week.  Like all of us in the course, I had been consumed with writing out my press release, as it had already occurred in the future.  I just finished mine yesterday, on the deadline day itself.  Which I am trying to eliminate doing things last minute completely, out of my inner blueprint.

The big challenge/assignment that Mark J gave us was regarding “Giving and Thinking Opinions”!

opinions676 One of many characteristics, that I have received from my dad’s side of the family is being opinionated, which quite often subsequently leads to argumentativeness.  Thus, far I have done well with not verbalizing my opinions, however, inner thoughts have been much more difficult.  How often, especially in major urban areas, do we form “opinions” on just about everyone we come into contact with on a daily basis.

This might be the reason, we were introduced last week in Week 4 to the concept of giving, because, if I can successfully have a spirit of giving(if only a smile) than I won’t have room in my mind to form opinions of others that I do no even know!

I am glad I am de-emphasizing sports, political shows and the evening news, since all of those activities, encourage one to form opinions.  Even Mark J’s beloved sport of baseball, one can not watch half an inning without forming opinions and second-guessing the decisions of players and managers.

Politics, don’t even go there!  As an independent both as a thinker and party affiliation, I have negative opinions about both sides, if I allow myself to get sucked into the various debates!

This should prove to be an interesting two week challenge and with some perseverance I don’t intend to fail.  Look forward to reading everyone else’s journey as they complete successfully this challenge.



  1. issymcintyre says:

    I just love the thought of a sports fan without negativity of opinions!!!!!! Wait til the Australian Open tennis and I will be in the same boat. We will have an amazing amount of “life” back, when not taken up with these things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jeginsjr says:

    I’m starting to follow European soccer now, since I don’t have favorites, I can just watch the beauty of the game without the inflamed passions of rooting hard for one team.


  3. litchy08 says:

    I tried so hard this week maybe things will be better next week .


  4. helamanandra says:

    great awareness . Like the joke.


  5. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks for reading & commenting on the blog post!


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