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MKMMA Week Four Part II- “Nothing Gained If Nothing Changed”

“I am so glad that I willingly gave up excessive sports fandom, as well as, reducing time spent surfing the net and watching tv”

The above is the last sentence of my DMP(DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE) and is what I am affirming that I give up to manifest the my new life!


For many of us, here in the United States, one can spend all day Sunday from “sun up” to “sundown” watching American Football or football-related programming.  For 18-20 weeks or so each year, us die-hard fans invest so much energy and emotion rooting for our favorite teams.

In keeping with the ideology of this MKMMA course, how is it possible to be a hardcore fan, without inviting “negativity” in to the equation?  Myself as a born and raised Philly guy, I have “hated” the Dallas Cowboys since around the mid-70’s. almost 40 years now.  I’m not crazy about the New York Giants or Washington Redskins either, although I always rooted for them against the Cowboys.


Today I have watched not a minute of NFL action, only occasionally checking for scores online or on my mobile phone. I must say I enjoyed a nice peaceful, productive day!  Spent quality time with family a little before today’s webcast, as well as after the webcast.  I am still a sports fan, however, I am trying to put it in it’s proper perspective.  Whether my teams “win or lose”, it doesn’t affect the outcome of myself WINNING AT THIS GAME OF LIFE!

So, am I crazy here, is it possible to be a sports fan without the “negativity”?



  1. grammyred3 says:

    James, I really wanted to read your blogs because of what I found so interesting that you have left on my blog and what I have read on other people’s blogs–I started to phrase this as my “opinion” rather than just what I liked–caught myself! I have been very inspired by your thoroughness and total commitment as you have described your journey so far!

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  2. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Janet for reading and for the encouraging words, I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog posts as well. Thanks for staying in harmony with the ideals of our MKMMA journey.


  3. jackiegam says:

    Your blog really puts a honest face of what you are achieving. I am also realizing that there are a lot of things to have “opinions” on. Sports and the upcoming elections are just 2 that really can take up a lot of our time. Each of them has 2 sides, so there are no rights or wrongs. This makes it difficult to navigate without opinions. Good luck with your week!

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  4. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks Jackie, always enjoy your comments! I’m really focusing on just observing things and not judging and having an opinion.


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