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MKMMA Week 4- It’s All Tying Together !


It’s here the pivotal week four is in full swing, and wow time really flies, when you’re redirecting the subby to design a new inner “blueprint”.  Mark J laid down the gauntlet on Sundays webcast with his initial statement that this was the week we would all “quit”  Quit the course or quit giving less than 100% to the process.

As I read the Master Keys, for this week and work on the new assignments, I am really struck by how much everything is “tying together”.  Frankly, if one was to have “skated by” through the first few weeks, I highly doubt one could catch up and really get the desired effect this week.  The theme of “giving more” and “eliminating negative thought” really ties in with previous exercises, master keys and Mandino’s first scroll that we are reading 3 times daily.

I really never knew how much I was under utilizing this amazing instrument that we have located between our two ears.   It’s makes me think of how so many of us often say “that’s the way I am” whenever we are questioned regarding something we did or didn’t do, or any other aspect of our personality.  How many of us “introverts” have a more fun “extroverted” self inside of us, just waiting to come out and express themselves, if we would just get our existing blueprint out of the way?  It’s so refreshing to realize that any bad habits or negative personality traits that we currently have, can be changed!

The phrase “life changing” is sometimes thrown around too freely!  However, in this case, I am not sure if that phrase does this amazing course and journey justice!  Now that we are all being blessed by our own respective transformations we have the responsibility “pay it forward”, in order that thousands out there can experience what we are!

Until my next post at conclusion of this week, I wish all a most prosperous and safe rest of their week!



  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s the way I am is the easy way out.
    Love your post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. litchy08 says:

    My extrovert is pulling a chair to the front.Funny to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jeginsjr says:

    Very good, so exciting isn’t it. Thanks for the comment and reading also.


  4. masterkeywadeblog says:

    great comments!


  5. great week four post! I enjoyed it. so cool we have the same guides! they’re awesome! jeanne


  6. issymcintyre says:

    We are allowed to find the real self in this process. My extravert, my natural self had been buried for years. Great post!


  7. jeginsjr says:

    Thanks a bunch, really appreciate your feedback. I have kept my extravert side hidden for too long with brief escapes throughout the years.

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