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MKMMA Week 3 Part II- Finishing Strong!

Week 3 of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is coming to a close, although I thoroughly enjoyed today’s webcast initiating week 4, I’m clearly still in week three mode!  To that end, I’m finishing it off strong and in style with this blog post, one last reading of week three’s master keys and my readings including my chore which was completed yesterday. (Yay me!)


That is the question each of us, must ask, every single week as we push through in perfect harmony with the objectives of the course.  At this time, I just want to review my progress, thus far, in regards to the assignments/requirements.

This blog, is a requirement to do one post per week, my personal stretch goal is atleast 2 per week and eventually 3.  The past two weeks I have accomplished my stretch goal, although this week obviously I am barely making it.  I have done my DMP, the original and revisions by mid-week of the respective weeks.  I have missed one nightly sitting excersize and one day I’ve missed one reading of the three scroll one readings in Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman”.  Index card readings, no problem doing each day and haven’t missed any!  DMP and Blueprint Builder readings no misses also, though, I need to be more consistent with the enthusiasm aspect or as Mark J would say “reading with more gusto”!

Thus far, I am trying to stay true to the process and not overthink the assignments.  Right now I am also focusing more on changing myself WITHIN as opposed to expecting magical instantaneous results WITHOUT!  It’s also fun being an observer of myself and my internal thinking as I work on my “inner blueprint”.

I hope everyone has had a blessed,peaceful weekend and looking forward to the coming week.  This week and the course will be epic!  Stay tune for more to come!



  1. Izanna says:

    We cannot imporve what we do no measure! What a great inventory of a week 3!! Great job, James!


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