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MKMMA Week Two

Well week one is in the books for the 2014 Master Keys Mastermind Alliance.  My head is slightly spinning from the challenging assignments, of the daily readings, writing my 2nd draft of the Definite Major Purpose(DMP), and fighting off the challenges from my subconscious old blueprint.  These first two Sunday sessions, I’ve had slight challenges making the webinar, with family birthday events on both days, however, my “new reality” is that I’m making CHANGES in my life, and nothing will get in the way of that!   I’ve stayed on track, even at risk, of angering some family members by being very “fashionably” late for my niece and my own adult daughter’s birthday celebration.  The one thing I’ve noticed already is that you don’t want to get behind on anything because each aspect of rewiring one’s mind for success builds on each assignment.

This week, Mark J had us do some intriguing assignments during the seminar with instructions that built on it for the next week.  We got 2 two-sided index cards, on the first one Mark had us write down a chore promise, I chose to clean the second bathroom in our home by October 12th.  Then at the bottom, we wrote “I always keep my promises and our name”.  By the chore statement at the top of the card, we were to draw a blue rectangle.  Then on the back of that card we wrote ” I promise to manifest__________”  And we were to choose two of the seven Personal Pivotal Needs(PPN’s) that Mark revealed to usI  I choose Autonomy and Liberty as two that are most vital in my life!  Interestingly, on my home from work today on a Commuter bus leaving Washington DC for my home in Columbia, Maryland, after reading the index card out loud in the back of the empty bus on the way to the next stop to pick up passengers, I noticed on the side of a building a flag in the shape of a blue rectangle.  During the next 30 minutes or so, I must have noticed over 10 blue rectangles of various sizes.

I am still trying to totally figure out the correlation between the blue rectangles and my chore promise.  I do understand the connection between the chore promise and my PPN’s as I am training my subconscious to correlate me reading a promise out loud to actually doing it.   The other index card has just repeat “Do it now” verbally with ENTHUSIASM while on the back connecting it to our two PPN’s that we chose.

Tomorrow I plan to write a piece regarding what I am learning from the actual Master Keys, that we have been reading daily. Might be difficult keeping that piece to a manageable length, so much that can be shared from those MIND EXPANDING Master Keys!  Until tomorrow, the Journey Continues.



  1. Great to read about your first two weeks James. You are on top of it! Good work and congratulations to making a valuable investment in your life. I will enjoy following your experience through the Master Keys!


  2. issymcintyre says:

    Mine are Liberty and Autonomy also. Love your commitment in doing 2 a week and love reading them.

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  3. wordgirlred says:

    The blue rectangle (and next week’s red circle) will help your brain make new connections with what’s on the card …the phrases, I promise, I always, your PPNs, etc. Think about when you buy a red car and of course you love it (emotional connection) therefore you begin to see red cars everywhere! Same thing …rectangles and blue items force your brain to see and repeat automatically, I promise, I always keep my promises, your PPN’s. Now does it make sense? Always focus on those colored pieces when you read what’s in front of them. Just using words and shapes and emotions altogether to ensure the brain gets it from all sources.

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  4. jeginsjr says:

    Yes, it is coming more into focus, especially as I stay committed to the process of reading,observing and doing all the assignments with enthusiasm.


  5. Thanks for sharing the difficulty of attending the first two webinars! Good for you for staying committed. I, too, am finding that I am doing many things on faith. I am confident that it will all come together with time. It’s kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. At first, the picture isn’t clear, but the more pieces that are added, the clearer it becomes. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


    • jeginsjr says:

      Thanks again for commenting and yes the first two weeks were somewhat of a challenge with regards to the webinars. However, I am staying focused on the whole process and not questioning anything or my need to be on the webinars, even though they are recorded.


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