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Master Key Mastermind Alliance- Week two Part II

Not only can it impress other minds, but it can direct the subconscious mind. In this way the conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind. It is this high function which can completely reverse conditions in your life.

Master Keys

Master Keys

The above, is one of the 31 master keys that we are studying during week 2.  It was very hard to isolate just one, as all of them are so thought provoking and mind expanding.  Pretty much, the major theme or emphasis, is on the relationship between the subconscious and conscious mind.  It is really amazing that we all have had some much “programming” that has influenced our inner thoughts which then affect our outer circumstances in life.

It will be challenging, however I am going to enjoy and observe this process, as I re-wire my inner thoughts which have resulted in the habits, that have placed my life where it is presently!  Not that I’m on “skid” row or anything, I’m surviving, however I KNOW that I was designed to enjoy more out of life, than “just making it”.

As I mentioned, in my last post, my Personal Pivotal Needs(PPN’s) are Autonomy and Liberty.  My wife is currently pregnant and due in early December, I need to be in a position in my life, where I can take time to be with her and our soon-to-be newborn, and not beg the employer for time off.  Not to mention use vacation days, in order to still have income, while spending time with my family.  The Liberty side of my needs are I want to move from our 2 bedroom apartment into 3 bedroom townhouse, while not being limited financially, as to what are my options.

My current blueprint maybe limiting, in that it has focused on the obstacles, in making a significant upgrade in change of residences, however, I am now equipping myself with the sparks to change my blueprint.  Therefore, I expect to be able to manifest different and more positive results than in my soon-to-be “distant” past.  I am so glad I do not make promises I don’t keep.



  1. wordgirlred says:

    James, great post, but I have a question. How do you describe/consider ‘Autonomy’ as a PPN when so much of your new blueprint of life must also center around and for two very important other lives? Just curious. Liberty i get totally, but perhaps I’m think of autonomy differently and not wide enough in scope.


  2. jeginsjr says:

    Hello excellent question and very challenging because you are right about the “two very important other lives” and actually 3(wife,son and newborn). However, I guess I’m looking at autonomy, more so, in relation to working a “8-5” job. For me, I want the “autonomy” to be able to spend my time with my kids, doing activities like “taking & picking them up from school”, going on the school trips with their class. That for me would be ideal.


  3. jeginsjr says:

    Also, to continue that discussion, I guess at this point in my life, I’m so tired of feeling like “my employer is doing me a favor” when I ask for a day off, or to leave early to take care of family things.


  4. run4change says:

    I love the first sentence that you wrote. That is my favorite one for this week 2 lessons my self. It is super powerful


  5. jackiegam says:

    In following the responses, I think that your definition of autonomy may need to be a little different from mine. One of my PPN’s is also Autonomy. However, I looked up the dictionary meaning and it said “One who gives oneself one’s own law”. This gives us some latitude in our interpretations, which is a good thing.


    • jeginsjr says:

      Hi Jackie, I don’t think my feelings about Autonomy is at odds with the dictionary meaning. My desire is “to give myself my own control of my time” as opposed to an employer “having that control”. Atleast that’s how I interpret it. 🙂


  6. FANTASTIC Observations James! You are truly getting the hang of this! Pictures too :o) We hold your vision in our thoughts and are right there with you to see you reach all that you envision! Your little one is very proud of his/her daddy!


    • jeginsjr says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks its been fun putting into words the effect the course is having on me. One thing though, the more I blog and check out other blogs, the more I realize I still have “lots to learn”.


  7. cjbart2 says:

    Inspiring post James.
    I wonder if in the DMP there should be word changes?
    “I want to move…” to “I AM MOVING…..” (include the date)
    “I need to be in a position in my life…” to “I will be in a position on December 1st”
    Subtleties like that have helped me over past 6 decades.
    It is how our “Subby” get trained


  8. jeginsjr says:

    Yes, indeed Chuck, I am learning just how impactful words are to our “subbies”. It’s incredible how powerful words can truly be!


  9. drjakedc says:

    I wonder what the percentage of fellow students that get Haanel is. It seems you do. This is powerful stuff.


  10. helamanandra says:

    I am loving reading The Master Key. Brilliant writing.

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  11. Great post! How exciting that you have a little one on the way, and what great motivation for becoming all that you were meant to be! My PPNs are Autonomy and Liberty also, but I may need to reexamine that, because my guide has asked me a question I can’t really answer about Autonomy. To me, it means independence and freedom to live as I wish and to make my own rules. Alas, apparently, i have listed too many obligations in my DMP that limit my autonomy, which might mean there are other PPNs that are actually more important to me. Thanks again for your insights!

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    • jeginsjr says:

      Thanks for comments my friend. Yes, I was challenged regarding my ppn of “autonomy” as well, however, not by my guide, but by one of my readers and fellow MKMMA’er. Even though I have a wife and soon to be 2 young children, my ultimate autonomy is to be free from restrictions on my time due to needing to work a “8 to 5” job. Spending family time, and going to school events and after school activities is what I want to have the “autonomy” to do! Just really search in your heart for your true bliss!

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