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MKMMA Week One – Part II

This is me, below, holding Og Mandino’s best selling classic: “The Greatest Salesman in the World.  For the next 30 days we are reading scroll one, 3 times a day.  In the morning, after waking, again mid-day, and lastly just before we lay down to rest for the evening.

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success.  Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.  Thus, the first law I will obey, which preceedeth all others- I will form good habits and become their slaves”  Og Mandino

The above quote really symbolizes what this chapter of the book is about, in addition it correlates with what I am reading in this weeks Master Keys, which I get into more in a subsequent post.  It’s so vitally important to work on our inside philosophies, which drive our thought, habits and eventually our behaviors.  This ultimately impacts our results in life and how successful we are in reaching our goals in life.

I have many habits that I am a “work in progress” regarding and changing my inner blueprint will enable that change in habits.  Many of my habits and thoughts have been inside me for most of my life dating back to childhood.  The important thing for all of us to remember is that complete change does not happen overnight.  It’s a PROCESS!  This why I wholeheartedly embrace the style of the course, and its repetitive daily readings.  My OLD BLUEPRINT is being DESTROYED.

I realize its important to forgo INSTANT GRATIFICATION of immediate changed results.  I am enjoying this ride as I change my inner blue print, step by step.

Until next time my friends, sincerely wishing you all blessing and a life full of abundance!

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  1. Well done James! You rock. Blessings of abundance to you!


  2. issymcintyre says:

    Our habits are what has brought us to this point in time. Awesome, James.


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