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Master Key Master Mind Alliance Week 1

I am unveiling my initial blog post here which will chronicle my experiences and journey through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance led by Mark & Davene Januzewski and their elite team of staff.  This is day 3 for me of the experience and I am blown away already by the MKMMA course.

Mark Januzewski, one of the worlds most esteemed MLM trainers hosted, along with his wife, and staff member Trish “The Dish”, the initial webinar. It lasted over two hours, including a question and answer session, pretty much detailing an overview of the course and the requirements to keep one’s scholarship.  Besides keeping a blog detailing our experiences, we are charged with putting together our initial draft of our Definite Major Purpose, reading the first scroll in “The Greatest Salesman” by Og Mandino, and other daily reading.

The biggest takeaway I got from the webinar and subsequent reading of the Master Keys is the need to focus and work on my “inner side” or my “within”, in order that I can charge my “without”.  I am learning to be an observer of inner “blueprint” and the effect it has had on my life up til now. This aforementioned blueprint is what has prevented me from achieving much more than I presently have achieved in my life.  One of my areas, of focus is to eliminate procrastination as well as not finishing projects that I start.  A mantra that was introduced is that “I never make promises that I DO NOT KEEP”!  Right now just keeping up with all the assignments and reading, is a breakthrough for me, to re-establish a new “inner blue print” for myself.

My plan is to blog about my experiences in this alliance twice a week, once early in the week as I begin to attack the new week, and then at end, as I recap the effect MKMMA has had on me for the current week.  I look forward to sharing my successes and experiences and do hope that anyone that my blog reaches who is in need of changing their current blueprint, will in the future choose to redesign their life through a similar experience.



  1. cjbart2 says:

    Looking forward to following your Journey, James


  2. wordgirlred says:

    Nice, James!


  3. issymcintyre says:

    Nice to know that I am not the only one working on my “not finishing things”. Looking forward to hearing more.


  4. Jaipreet says:

    Nice blog James. I am looking forward following you on your journety and reading your blogs.


  5. Enjoyed reading this post. I love the “I promise” exercises too. They are very powerful.


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